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      1. 地址:撫順經濟開發區太平洋工業城111號
        Address: Fushun Economic Development Zone, Liaoning Economic Development Zone, the Pacific Industrial City,No. 111
        Tel: 024-54090109
        Tel: 024-54090101
        URL: www.gsmkykszhengq.cn


                歡迎光臨 【撫順博達產業濾布有限公司 】網站,并真誠地希望這個網站能促使您對我們公司有更進一步的了解與認識。撫順博達產業濾布有限公司成立以來,發展十分穩健,規模在不斷地擴大,靠的是社會各界和新老客戶的關心與支持,靠的是公司全體員工的共同努力。 歡迎您走進“撫順博達產業濾布有限公司”,真誠的希望此網站能夠使您對我們有進一步的了解與認識。

                Welcome to “Fushun Boda Industrial Filter Cloth CO., LTD”. I hope you can get more information about us through this website. Our company has developed steadily since it was founded. With the help of all manufacturers and customers, we have made great progress and constantly expanded our operation scale. Please allow me to express my gratitude to the friends and customers from all walks of life. Thank you for your concern and support. Also send my gratitude to my staff, I will always appreciate the time when we went through thick and thin, sharing the joys and sorrows together.
        With the rapid development of the economy and the increasing market competition, the product quality and service of our company can stand its test. Meanwhile, driven by reform and restructuring, emphasizing the economic benefit, we will strengthen the quality management regardless of all the difficulties. Our aim is to achieve quality control of the production process and optimize the structure of operating.
                Reviewing the past, we are proud of the high quality products provided by us; looking ahead, we are also full of confidence. We are sure to achieve the new height of environmental protection, maintaining the hardworking and enterprising spirit. We believe only by fixing our sight on the whole society and devoting our enthusiasm to the market can we succeed and make a difference.
        Boda insists on making contributions to social harmony and sustainable development by constant innovation and breakthrough, thus improving enterprise value and social value.


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